Mouseviator repaint for Bell 412

Couple words for introduction

For a long time a wanted to try to fly a helicopter, at least within a simulator. At the end of the day, the handling of helicopter is sort of different from aircraft. It takes a lot of practice to master it at least a bit – to hold direction, not to be always here and there and not to crash on every landing. The choice of helicopter for me was the Bell 412 (which Czech Police used a lot, and still does). It is being said that X-Plane is better in simulating helicopters than FSX or Prepar 3D (true from what I can say). So In the very limited free time, here and there, I fly the Bell 412 made by X-Trident.

When I managed not to crash every time, and though my helicopter flying skills are still far from perfect, an idea came to my mind. My own repaint could help it. It did not, but I like the chopper a little more now. Here I share it. Maybe someone else will like it. Tried to make it interesting and funny. Again, the main color is orange and I used the same logos as for the Cessna 172. The Pin-up girl is also there, but this time a different one. This time I used the one, the very first one, I drew myself recently.

Legal stuff, yes the boring part

The fictional repaint(s) for Bell 412 helicopter included in the archive is provided as is without any warranty. As you read with most software products, use it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything.

The repaint(s) included in this archive was made … just because as many other out there, because I love flight simulation.

You may NOT publicly redistribute this repaint(s)! 
Without prior consent (see contact below), this repaint(s) may be available only on these websites: 

You may NOT publish any screenshot(s) that would put any bad light on me, Mouseviator , Spejbl and Hurvinek puppets and/or any other mark used in this repaint.

What that means? Of course, I do not care if you take this repaint(s) to your friend on flash drive or send it to him
using electronic way. But I do not want to see this package to be distributed publicly without prior agreement. 
About the “screenshots and bad light thing” – don’t make any screenshot showing terrorist attack (like crashing into building), sexually related content, 
discrimination, something abusive … etc. Ie. don’t be jerk.

If you want to edit this repaint, you can! But this repaint contanins some marks (art), that are not my property and this should be considered in the edited repaint also, thus should be noted. Specifically, it is the image of our famous czech puppets – Spejbl and Hurvinek, the “Chem-trails” logo on the helicopter belly, the “karate guy” near the tail rotor area and the “I Want to believe” and “Don’t scream I am scared too” badges on crew uniforms. The drawing of the Pin-up girl on the sides of the helicopter is my own (but the original image was drawn by someone else) and the “Real pilots don’t need runways” logo was assembled by my resources (but the idea comes from internet, it is not mine).

Also if you keep the Mouseviator logo, it would be nice if you don’t use the repaint to promote yourself, your website or use it to throw mud on me or my website … 
let’s just be nice and respective on each other. You distribute your edited repaint as you wish, but it still must be for free. 


Here you can download the repaint for X-Trident Bell 412. It is for X-Plane 10/11 and the archive is about 17MB in size.

Above and in the Readme files I wrote that you can edit this repaint to suit your liking. Maybe you just want to change some coloring or whatever. It is kind of pain to do that within the finished textures. So below, I also share my source files. They are .xcf for Gimp. Just adhere to the limitations I mentioned above and in the Readme files.


  1. Just copy the OK-MVH folder to liveries folder. That folder is within the helicopter’s installation folder, which you should have somewhere under Aircraft folder within your X-Plane.
    Like, in the case of my X-Plane 10 installation, the path is:
    d:\X-Plane 10\Aircraft\Helicopters\AB412 v1.7\liveries\

    The same applies for X-Plane 11.

  2. Go flying!


The gallery shows the repainted helicopter while flying around Juneau, Alaska (PAJN airport) in X-Plane 11.