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The_Neverhood Box Art

Like most of my peers, nor I haven’t been spared from playing computer games. For a while I was afraid I am not going to remember what was the first game I played, but The Neverhood (Even so, I am going to read the story on that wall once…) cannot be forgotten. It’s simply a legend.

Among other legends, at least for me, that I have tasted were Fallout 1 and 2, Swat 3, a couple episodes of Tomb Raider and Operation Flashpoint from czech Bohemia Interactive. I sticked quite long with Operation Flashpoint and I was allowed to look below the lid of game development technologies slightly since the game was perfectly adopted for modding. OFP Cool Studio and UFO addon were the results.

Later on, my attention got captured by games like Fire Department 1-3 and Emergency 3 and 4. Emergency games also supports modding, but at this field I created only one mission for Emergency 3. I am afraid however, that it is lost in the dustbin of history, since I have not found it in any backup nor on the Internet.

Picture from the Emergency 4 game with Los Angeles Mod v 2.5.
Picture from the Emergency 4 game with Los Angeles Mod v 2.5.

Well, none of you doesn’t have to interest. That was just an introduction and the goal was to say, that whatever I have ever created for some game and decided to share, you will find under PC Creations -> Games category.