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This page got a little “loooong”… I guess a table of contents with direct links to each chapter might come useful.




Well, the API from Mark Burton and Paul Henty were given for free, this one is also FREE. If you want to be specific, than say it is LGPL.


Here you can download the SDK. As usually, I offer you multiple packages. Not that I would want to make things confusing, but the complete package is pretty BIG. And chances are, you would not need all the stuff that are in the package. Why is it so big? Because I had to modify the C++ wrapper libraries (the fsuipc_java32.dll and fsuipc_java64.dll) and I wanted to have a way to see what is happening inside them, while they are being used = logging facility. I did not want to reinvent the wheel, so I used the boost libraries for C++ and their logging features. That in turn requires to download the needed packages into Visual Studio and … you are looking at 1 GB project folder in no time. It is the reason why the complete package is so huge, it contains also the boost logging packages, so you would have the most-complete source project. But, if you are not about to modify the C++ wrapper libraries, you can download one of the smaller archives. The without C++ libraries archive contains no source code of the C++ wrapper libraries (the fsuipc_java32.dll and fsuipc_java64.dll), the with C++ libraries archive contains the source code, but without the packages for boost logging, so it will require more actions from your side to setup and compile the project. Consider the download links below for the kind of “stable” version. They will probably not be updated that often. The project is also available at github, which most developers would probably prefer.

The CHANGELOG can be viewed here.

Last update of the archives: 27.8.2021 – version 1.0.2

Two download locations you can choose from – here, or Google drive.

Download from this site:

The package with the source code of C++ wrapper libraries, without boost libraries packages:

The archive without the source code of C++ wrapper libraries:

Download from Google Drive:?

The complete package, contains everything:

The package with the source code of C++ wrapper libraries, without boost libraries packages:

The archive without the source code of C++ wrapper libraries:




What is inside the archives?

Depending on what archive you downloaded (COMPLETE, with C++ libraries, without C++ libraries), you should found one or more of these folders:

API documentation

You will find that inside the javadoc folder in the FSUIPC_Java_dist folder. Read
especially the documentation of the FSUIPC class in the com.mouseviator.fsuipc package, as it is the core class and the doc has brief samples in it. Or you can read it online here.

How to use the SDK?

Here I would like to show you some basic steps on how to use this SDK. Study the FSUIPCSimpleTest and FSUIPCSimMonitor example applications to get full (or at least better) picture. The text below is simply copied form the javadoc of FSUIPC class.



If you want to contact me in regard of this JAVA FSUIPC SDK, you can do so via an email: admin@mouseviator.com, or leave a post in the forums at https://forums.mouseviator.com. I will gladly hear from you any suggestions, bug reports etc.


Many people behind the flight simulator platforms we use, Pete and John Dowson for FSUIPC, Mark Burton and Paul Henty for their SDK, as it was great starting point for me.