About me

Hello, good <your actual daytime here>

Mouse Fear

My name is Radek Henys, welcome to this page, that was probably most hard to write out of the whole content. I was never good in own person writing… Sometimes, you may encounter something that came from me also under my nickname – Murdock.

What to mention next? Age? It gets changed always, so it’s pointless. It’s old information by now. This web is mainly about my hobbies and interests and results, or if you prefer, products, of these. And these results originate at my weaknesses for:

  • Spejbl and Hurvínek
  • Firefighters and firefighting
  • Aviation
  • Computers
  • Drawing (required to visualize the story)
  • Writing (required to tell the story)

What to add? I maybe have too much of interests and terribly low time. But it’s all connected in a certain way.