Mouseviator repaint for PMDG 737-800 NGX for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Couple words for introduction

Today I share another recycled repaint for one of my favorite airplanes ….which is no surprise, right? Why would I do repaint for an aircraft I do not like… Luckily, it turnd out that “porting” the repaint from Prepar3D to Microsoft Flight Simulator will not be that much work as I was afraid it may be – that I don’t have to start from scratch. Otherwise, I would probably not do it. So, what aircraft am I writing about? Of course the Boeing 737-800, speaking of simulators, the one created by PMDG, the PMDG 737-800 NGX.

The text below is almost the same as the one that I wrote in the “scrap” sharing the Prepar3D version – Mouseviator repaint for PMDG 737-800 NGXu – so if you know it, or you don’t want to read it, you can scroll down to downloads 🙂

It is funny thing that I made this repaint and did not actually have time to make a single complete flight with it yet. Probably not all of you will enjoy it, as it is again “my specific repaint”, with all the stuff I like… not really serious look, orange color, pin-up girl on vertical stabilizer… but for those who will, the download links are somewhere below…

Legal stuff, yes the boring part

Hey, I have read all this stuff with your previous repaints, just get me to download links…

The fictional repaint(s) for Boeing 737-800 airplane included in the archive is provided as is without any warranty. As you read with most software products, use it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything.

The repaint(s) included in this archive was made … just because as many other out there, because I love flight simulation.

Let’s try to write it short for once 🙂

Please respect the following:

You may NOT publicly redistribute this repaint(s)! Without prior consent (see contact below), this repaint(s) may be available only on these websites:

Do not use this repaint for any commercial purpose. It is being released as free and is supposed to stay free, as well as all derivative works. Do not share inappropriate screenshots showing this aircraft repaint. I believe all of you can judge what is appropriate and what not in that flight simulation hobby of ours.

If you want to edit this repaint, you can! But this repaint contains some marks (art), that are not my property and this should be considered in the edited repaint also, thus should be noted. Specifically, it is the image of our famous czech puppets – Spejbl and Hurvinek, the “Chem-trails” logo on the airplane belly, and the drawing of pin-up girl on vertical stabilizer. The author of the drawing of the Pin-up is Peruvian pin-up artist Alberto Vargas. You can find more about him here:

The logo forbidding storing luggage with people hidden inside into the baggage compartment was made using couple of free images, gathered from these addresses:

Also if you keep the Mouseviator logo, it would be nice if you don’t use the repaint to promote yourself, your website or use it to throw mud on me or my website …
Let’s just be nice and respective on each other. You distribute your edited repaint as you wish, but it still must be for free.


Here you can download the repaint for PMDG 737-800 NGX. I exported the repaint for both variants of the model, with Blended Winglets and with Split Scimitar Winglets. Get the one you like the most, or both of them 🙂

Download from this website:

Download from Google Drive:


This liveries does not come up as the ones before – an archived folder. Well, you downloaded and archive, but it contains two readme files (czech and english), and a file with PTP extension. This is the file with the livery and you have to use PMDG Operations Center 2.0 to install it. It would be easier for not so technical people, rather than extracting folder and making manual edits in aircraft.cfg file. The another benefit is, that this file also contains the aircraft specific settings, so unless you change it, you will have the same equipment on board as I have when soaring in the virtual skies. Here is how you install with PMDG Operations Center 2.0:

  1. Open PMDG Operations Center 2.0
  2. Navigate to the “Aircraft and Liveries” menu and then click the “Livery utilities” menu option.
    Livery Utilities window will open. In here, select desired simulator from the “Simulator” selection box – thus, Microsoft Flight Simulator.
    Then, from “Installed products” select “PMDG 737-800
    From “Variants / models” select “PMDG 737-800“.
Installation of livery for PMDG aircraft into MSFS – Step 1
Installation of livery for PMDG aircraft into MSFS – Step 2
  1. On the bottom of the screen there is “Install from PTP” button (You can see on picture 2). Click it and navigate to select corresponding PTP file contained within the downloaded archive.
Installation of livery for PMDG aircraft into MSFS – Step 3
  1. Once you select the PTP livery file, PMDG Operations Center will install it. You should see “Please wait” text and soon the dialog with the installation process result. Hopefully, it will say it was sucessful and the livery will appear in the list of installed liveries.
Installation of livery for PMDG aircraft into MSFS – Step 4
  1. Install other liveries using the same steps, if you want.
  2. Go flying

Note: If you want the aircraft to be loaded in the configuration I mentioned it to have with this repaint, you need to set the “Tail number” to the “OK-MVC” at the “Customization” tab when selecting the aircraft and livery. In Prepar3D, this was related to the livery itself, in MSFS this “specific” aircraft configuration is related to the aircraft registration (Tail number).

Setting up tail number for MSFS aircraft
Setting up tail number for MSFS aircraft


As always, some images of the aircraft follows. All the images are of the SSW (Split Scimitar Winglets) version, but other versions look the same: