VFD Čelákovice repaint for Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Amphibian for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Couple words for introduction


in this post, you can download a free fictional repaint of VFD Čelákovice for Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter – version 300 amphibian. The aircraft registration is OK-DHC (DHC is a shortcut Celakovice Volunteer Fire Department in Czech language and a nice coincidence it is also the shortcut of aircraft manufacturer: de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. :)).

A quick note, this is just a port of the same repaint for Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended for Prepar3D, that I made a couple of years back. But I still love it and wanted to have in MSFS too, so… the text here si recycled too 🙂

Take a look at the repaint down in the gallery. Notice the checking titles for “height of the flight” on the floats and a warning sign for “it is prohibited to suck divers into rain maker”. Especially on right float you can see how the texts works 🙂

The repaint provided on this site was made … just because as many other out there, because I love flight simulation (and firefighters, so there the two meets).

When you look at the repaint, you cannot miss the girl on the vertical stabilizer. This is “Fire Belle (Always Ready) 1956” painting drawn by american pin-up girl painter Gil Elvgren.

Legal stuff, yes the boring part

The fictional repaint(s) for Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter airplane is provided as is without any warranty. As you read with most software products, use it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything.

The repaint(s) included in this archive was made … just because as many other out there, because I love flight simulation.

Let’s try to write it short for once 🙂

Please respect the following.

Please od NOT publish any screenshot(s) that would put any bad light on VFD Celakovice.

Do not use this repaint for any commercial purpose. It is being released as free and is supposed to stay free, as well as all derivative works. Do not share inappropriate screenshots showing this aircraft repaint. I believe all of you can judge what is appropriate and what not in that flight simulation hobby of ours.

You can redistribute this repaint as you want (but still fo free). It would be nice to keep the notes (so we know who contributed…). Unless you do your own changes, keeping the Readme file within the archive will do it.

If you want to edit this repaint, you can! But this repaint contains some marks (art), that are not my property and this should be considered in the edited repaint also, thus should be noted. See the 3rd party resources used below.

If you keep those resources, you should mention that in your Readme file. It actually applies to everything, that you may include in your repaint and is not your work.

3rd party resources used


Below you can download the VFD Celakovice repaint fro Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter Amphibian for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Download from this website:

Download from Google Drive:


The archive should contain these folders:

  • liveries-mouseviator-dhc6amphib-okdhc

and files:

  • Readme.CZ.txt
  • Readme.EN.txt
  • Readme.CZ.md
  • Readme.EN.md

1) Copy the liveries-mouseviator-dhc6amphib-okdhc folder to the right location.

Just copy the liveries-mouseviator-dhc6amphib-okdhc folder to the Community packages of your installation of Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Community folder is in the folder you instructed Flight Simulator to install packages to when you first installed the simulator. Probably, finding the Community folder might be the tricky part for you, maybe trickier than extracting archive and moving folders. Well, if you did not tell Flight Simulator to put the packages inside the folder you want (like I did), try to look in one of these default locations:

If you’re using the Windows Store version (or Game Pass for PC), then head here:

C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_[RANDOM LETTERS]\LocalCache\Packages\Community

Or if you’re using Steam version, try here:

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community


C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightDashboard_[RANDOM LETTERS]\LocalCache\Packages\Community

2) Go flying

That’s it. MSFS should now see the new repaint. Select it and go flying.

Here are some pictures of the airplane. Hope you will like it.