Sites related to Spejbl and Hurvínek:

  • divadlo_s+h_smallTheatre Spejbl & Hurvínek – Theatre Spejbl and Hurvínek official website. Here you will find information on shows, tickets, program and lots of other information about events related to theater.

Sites related to aviation:

– virtual aviation:

  • Angle Of Attack –  nor virtual aviation is about ability to apply full throttle. If you want to learn to fly like a pro, I don’t know better source than Angle Of Attack, where you find professional video training. You can go through basics of flying with small airplanes all the way to “heavy metal” like Boeing 737,747 or MD-11. Aviator 90 – the basic training is for free, but neither the payed courses cannot be considered wasted money at least by my opinion.
  • VATSIM – like many people like flying, even if only virtual, there are other people who loves being air traffic controllers, even if only virtual. These two groups meet at VATSIM network, where after registration, which is free, you can fly under control of virtual air traffic control operated by real humans. Almost everybody tries to stick with real world procedures here, which makes VATSIM a great learning environment even for real world flying ATC communications.
  • VACC Czech Republic – the czech “division” of VATSIM for virtual air traffic control over Czech Republic. You can find info about upcoming actions, steps to connect to VATSIM, how to behave on network etc. Site is available in Czech and English.

– flight and weather planning

There I placed links to some pages which I found useful when planning flights. Most of them serves for real world planning, but can be also used for the virtual one.

  • Skyvector – this site contains VFR and IFR aviation maps. In the beginning, only the USA and Alaska were covered, but the coverage grown worldwide. Very good source of charts, which is also free.
  • Aviation Weather Center – if you like to fly with real world weather and you fly in the USA, this is the right place to get complete weather picture.
  • Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic – almost all information you need for flying over Czech Republic you will find here – informations about airports and airspaces, VFR and IFR approach charts, weather, NOTAMs etc.
  • Czech Hydrometeorological Institute – apart from normal weather predictions, the czech hydrometeorological institute website contains a lot of aviation weather predictions too.
  • Windy – this website offers awesome wind prediction in the form of simple animation. You can see what the wind is to be like on the whole planet and at various altitudes. And not just the wind, you can view temperature, pressure, humidity, clouds, precipitation and also waves.

– other

  • Flight Radar 24 – great page for aviation enthusiast. You can watch real air traffic almost in real time. You can view flight path, altitude, airspeed, origin and destination and even photo (if someone ever took a picture of that particular aircraft) for every displayed airplane.
  • Live ATC – here you can listen communication between real world pilots and air traffic controllers. Many airports from all over the world are listed, including Václav Havel airport – LKPR.