I believe UFO acronym needs no explanation. Back a while, when I was  spending time with Operation Flashpoint and after I programmed OFP Cool Studio, official Bohemia Interactive modeling tool – Oxygen got in my hands (such as to couple of other guys). And so my own Operation Flashpoint addon – UFO may have been developed (dated back to 2002). It is unit having no weapons, excluding it’s own self destruction mechanism. It’s purpose is just to have some fun with it. That said, if anyone still interested in it, it’s available for free download below.


Unpack murdock_ufo.zip into some temporary folder. Place file murdock_ufo.pbo into Addons folder, that is located in your Operation Flashpoint installation directory. Minimum required OPeration Flashpoint version is 1.3. The murdock_ufo.zip also contains Czech and English readme files.


Couple of pictures