VFD Čelákovice repaint for A2A Cessna 172

Couple words for introduction


in this post, you can download a free fictional repaint of VFD Čelákovice for Cessna 172 Trainer aircraft developed by A2A Simulations. Four variants in total are available. There are two country variants, one with Czech registration and one with American registration. The Czech registration is OK-CVF (CVF stands for Celakovice Volunteer Firefighter). American registration is N450VF (VF stand for Volunteer Firefighter). Each of the country variants have two colour variants – one with blue stripe and one with red stripe.

The repaints provided on this site were made … just because as many other out there, because I love flight simulation (and firefighters, so there the two meets).

When you look at the repaints, you cannot miss the girl on the vertical stabilizer. This is “Fire Belle (Always Ready) 1956” painting drawn by american pin-up girl painter Gil Elvgren.

Legal stuff, yes the boring part

The fictional VFD Čelákovice repaints for Cessna 172 aircraft provided here are provided as is without any warranty. Use them at your own risk!


The VFD Čelákovice fictional repaints provided here contains official logo of VFD Čelákovice. And because of that, these repaints are sort of our “business card”. You may NOT publicly redistribute those repaints! Without prior consent, these repaints may be available only on these websites:


You may NOT publish any screenshot(s) that would put any bad light on VFD Čelákovice.

What that means? Of course, I do not care if you take these repaints to your friend on flash drive or send them to him using electronic way. But I do not want to see these repaints to be distributed to large public (like putting them on your site for download) without prior agreement.
About the “screenshot that would put any bad light on VFD Čelákovice” – DON’T make any screenshot showing terrorist attack (like crashing into building), sexually related content, discrimination etc.

If you want to edit these repaints, you can! But if you want to redistribute your edited repaints, they must be in no relation to VFD Čelákovice. So your edited livery cannot contain VFD Čelákovice logo, title or anything that would connect to VFD Čelákovice, anywhere!!!  As your edited repaints have no relation to VFD Čelákovice, they are your work – distribute them as you wish, but they still must be for free.


Here you can download the repaint variant you like the most (or all them of course). The archives are about 20MB in size.


The downloaded archive should contain any of these folders:

  • texture.N450VFa
  • texture.N450VFb
  • texture.OKCVFa
  • texture.OKCVFb

and file:

  • Aircraft.cfg.N450VFa.txt
  • Aircraft.cfg.N450VFb.txt
  • Aircraft.cfg.OKCVFa.txt
  • Aircraft.cfg.OKCVFb.txt

1) Copy folder with textures to A2A C172 aircraft folder

Navigate to folder where your A2A Cessna 172 is installed. You will find it at the “SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C172” at your flight sim folder. The whole path might look like this:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C172
C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepard3D v2\SimObjects\Airplanes\A2A_C172

Those were just examples, the location depends on where you have your flight simulator installed.

Copy the folder mentioned above (one or all, depends on which repaint you have downloaded) to the folder you just found.

2) Add repaint to Aircraft.cfg

In the folder you found in step 1, there is a file called Aircraft.cfg. Open this file in notepad or another text editor (For basic text editing, without any formatting. Make sure the file is saved again as Aircraft.cfg, not Arcraft.cfg.txt).

Scroll down the file and look for lines starting with [fltsim.X] where X is some number. There will be [fltsim.0], [fltsim.1] etc. Find the last “fltsim” section and look what the last number is.

Open the included “Aircraft.cfg.—–.txt” file that corresponds to the folder you copied in step 1. Copy the whole content of the file (it is another “fltsim” section) after the last “fltsim” section into Aircraft.cfg you have opened.

Change the “X” in pasted “fltsim” section to the next available number. For example, if the last “fltsim” section in the Aircraft.cfg was [fltsim.2], you will change [fltsim.X] to [fltsim.3].

Save the Aircraft.cfg file.

3) Go flying


The gallery shows american variant with blue stripe and czech variant with red stripe. The american variant with red stripe and czech variant with blue stripe are exactly the same, just the color of stripes are reversed.