Sitting woman

In this post I share my drawing of another girl that is printed on one of the pages in the “How to draw Pin-up” book. The original drawing was made by Russell Iredell. Well, this one is not exactly the “pin-up” style. I used it to try out different tools and techniques than before. With this one I tried bigger paper, A3 and experienced how to handle charcoal prism. I also used graphite prism, lead prism and charcoal pencil. And a tortillon to blend and smudge.

Oh, In know I mentioned the “How to draw pin-up” book in the previous post also, so for the ones who’s having hard sleep because of this incomplete information, this is the book:
How to Draw & Paint Pin-ups & Glamour Girls (Walter Foster Collectibles)by Fritz Willis (Author), Earl MacPherson (Author), Russell Iredell (Author), Walter Foster (Author).

Sitting woman charcoal drawing
Sitting woman, charcoal drawing, based on original by Russell Iredell