FS Logbook Editor v1.6 – whats new?

It’s been some time since FS Logbook Editor was last updated. Well, I started to work on some new features recently… like two to three months ago…it took more time than I thought. But I just wanted to let you know what you can expect. So, here is what was added so far:

  • An option to check for new version after each program start.
  • Buttons to move items in airport list at Edit logbook record dialog. So now it is possible to order the airport list items.
  • Simple print. Now it is possible to print logbook table as it looks in FS Logbook Editor.
  • Report (Pixel perfect output based on templates) generation using JasperReports engine.

The list is not very long indeed, but trust me, the last item, the reports generation using JasperReports engine took quite some time to implement. Even thought that I have no idea if you guys will even use it / create your own templates, since the learning curve is pretty steep… Ok, what is it actually, you might ask? The JasperReports engine is used to generate pixel-perfect reports from templates. In the case of FS Logbook Editor, the templates will be filled with flight data. Now, we can generate document which looks for example like this:

A flight log generated using JasperReports and FS Logbook Editor v1.6

I need to finish the documentation right now. And will think if I will implement some more features in this release. So just wanted to let you know, that a new version is in development.

The “reporter” – a dialog to generate JasperReports report from template in FS Logbook Editor v1.6