FS Logbook Editor 1.81 – RELEASED!

This is just a short notice, that FS Logbook Editor version 1.81 has been relased. It mainly fixes issues that were reported after releasing version 1.80. Here is the list of changes:

  • Added: The “Flags” recently added to FSHub flight reports can be imported in comment. Added new {flags} and {flags_inline} keywords to the comment template for this.
  • Added: The “Add only flights not already in the logbook” checkbox and “Compare by…” button to FsHub and MSFS import dialogs. It is enabled by default and will prevent importing the same flights that are already in the logbook again. The “Compare by…” allows to define by what attributes the records should be compared.
  • Changed: Comparison of flights records when flight date is involved is being done on seconds precision, not milliseconds like before. This is due to rounding errors that happen when converting dates and results in the “same dates” not being considered same because of some minor milliseconds difference.
  • Fixed: Issues when hiding some columns from Logbook table caused an application initialization and/or termination task to fail complete, resulting in some settings not being saved and other weird behavior.
  • Fixed: The “auto-load” logbook, “display open dialog” and “always backup” options were not working in the process of opening logbook after FS Logbook Editor start. They did work only when opening logbook using menu.
  • Fixed: Month was wrong by one in MSFS import.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing to save logbook as KML.
  • Changed: Allowed the “Patience dialog” to be closed manually in the case the automatic closure does not happen for any reason.

It might take some time for the online shop you bought via to have the updated installer. The DEMO has been updated too. Visit FS Logbook Editor page to download it.