FS Logbook Editor 1.71 – RELEASED!

FS Logbook Editor version 1.71 has just been released. I am sorry it probably will not meet you expectations, as there are just 4 items in the CHANGELOG, where the biggest change is the improvement in scanning X-Plane sceneries (sceneries linked via Windows shortcuts will now be scanned too…).

So, that is what it is 🙁 I know you would like to see more functions added, like the support for Microsoft Flight Simulator logbook… I would like too. Unfortunately, the thing about MSFS is still the same… and for me, the logbook in the MSFS does not even record new flights, when I occasionally fly one 🙁 I would also expect more in an update that is more than half a year since the last one, I have the ideas, but I am working on other stuff to and have just one hands…

So I better pushed this out, rather than holding it back until I have more to add. Honestly, I programmed these changes like some months ago.

Go to the FS Logbook Editor page for DEMO.

Hope you understand and have a good time.