FS Logbook Editor 1.61 – RELEASED!

This is mainly a bug fix release. There was a stupid bug, caused by my overlook, due to which users who did not have an airport database created in previous versions were unable to create a database, import simulators and  airport data (It was not possible to create new database). You can read more about that in the forums here. And here why it was not fixed for so long. Sorry about that one more time.

I also made some improvements in the code to import airport data from X-Plane (I know it may sound unlikely considering the previous lines). 

Also removed the link to FSPilotShop from this site, as it seems to be off business ? Like in previous cases with SimPlanet and FlightSimStore, if you bought from this store, send me some proof of purchase to admin@mouseviator.com and I will send you the latest installer.

For the remaining shops, SimMarket and PC Aviator, you should find latest installer in your account. 

Latest DEMO can be downloaded below, or at product page.