today the FSUIPC Java SDK has been updated. Some bugs, some of them major, has been fixed in FSUIPC class and primitive data requests classes. New helper classes have been added. To be little more specific, these are the changes:

  • Added: Some Junit tests.
  • Added: Added the LuaHelper, MacroHelper and LVarHelper classes.
  • Added: The FSUIPCLVarLuaMacroTest.java into the FSUIPCSimpleTest project to show the usage of the added classes and to test them.
  • Added: isConnected function to the FSUIPC class.
  • Fixed: Constructors of primitive data request that takes initial value (constructs WRITE data request) always ended with Exception due to missing command.

I did not raise the version number, still consider this as version 1 RC, but all the zip files have been updated. So, you can download any of the zip file at the FSUIPC Java SDK page to have this latest version.

Or get it from Github: https://github.com/Mouseviator/FSUIPC-Java