November 2018

The template for this image I got, as in the previous few cases, by internet searches. This girl attracted me because the pose she’s in is sexy: oops, it lies on the edge with the drawing that I would have to age gate again, and the drawing itself was a challenge in the form of the water flowing down over her, the girl. I also planned to try mixing colors with colored pencils a little more and a few other techniques I discovered (you can learn everything on youtube: idea:). I figured her face, as the original image is missing nearly all of it and I adjusted her hair. At first, I did not pay attention, but words like the striptease club in the name of the image file eventually led me to conclude it’s origin. Maybe you would have come to the same … that’s a photo of some model testing the waterproofness of laundry, according to red and blue light maybe in the flashing light of police or fire department signal lights 😎

Oh, and back to those colored pencils. If you’re interested in it, an artist, Kirsty Partridge, offers on her YouTube channel a bunch of great videos on how to do it. The videos are in English, so you learn two things at once (if you are not English speaker).

Girl – November 2018
Girl – November 2018 – original and drawing